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Pressure Gibraltar  switch sensor 20Y-06-21710 for Komatsu PC-6/7 excavator 6D95 engine

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Product Features

Name:Pressure sensor switchPart number: 20Y-06-21710Engine model:6D95Application for:Komatsu PC200-6,PC300-6,PC100-6,PC400-6,PC220-6,PC120-6 excavator or other machinery
Also apply to the following komatsu equipments
Hydraulic ExcavatorPC200CA-6-C1;Part No 20Y-06-21710Part Name SWITCH,SWING AND BOOM OIL PRESSUREWeight 0.040 kgMobile Debris CrusherBR100JG-2-W1; BR200S-1; BR200T-1-NA; BR300J-1; BR300S-1; BR310JG-1; BR350JG-1; BR380JG-1-W1; BR480RG-1-W1; BR550JG-1; BZ210-1-W1;OtherCD110R-1-N; CD30R-1;BulldozerD155C-1; D155C-1; D155C-1D; D155C-1P; D355C-3; D355C-3; D375A-3; D375A-3; D375A-3A; D475A-3; D475A-3; D85C-21-A; D85C-21;CraneLC755-3-EC; LC755-3-ME;Hydraulic ExcavatorPC100-6; PC100-6Z; PC100L-6; PC1100-6; PC1100LC-6; PC1100SP-6; PC120-6; PC120-6Z; PC120LC-6; PC120LC-6E0; PC128US-1; PC128US-2-EU; PC128US-2-N; PC128UU-1; PC128UU-2; PC130-6; PC130-7; PC138USLC-2; PC150-5; PC158US-2-W1; PC158USLC-2-W1; PC160LC-7; PC160LC-7; PC160LC-7E0; PC1800-6; PC1800-6; PC200-6-A; PC200-6H-A; PC200-6Z; PC200-7; PC200-8; PC200-8; PC200CA-6-C1; PC200CA-6-U1; PC200CA-6; PC200LC-6-A; PC200LC-6H-A; PC200LC-6Z; PC200LC-7-US; PC200LC-7; PC200LC-8; PC200LC-8; PC210-6; PC210LC-6; PC220-6; PC220-6Z; PC220-7; PC220-8; PC220LC-6; PC220LC-6Z; PC220LC-7; PC220LC-7; PC220LC-8; PC220LC-8; PC228US-1T; PC228US-2-KJ; PC228US-2-US; PC228US-3-KU; PC228US-3-W1; PC228US-3N-W1; PC228USLC-1-NZ; PC228USLC-1-US; PC228USLC-2-KJ; PC228USLC-2-US; PC228USLC-3-KU; PC228USLC-3-US; PC228USLC-3-W1; PC228USLC-3N-W1; PC228UU-1-NZ; PC230-6; PC230LC-6; PC250-6; PC250LC-6; PC270-7-W1; PC270-8; PC270-8; PC270LC_8_W1; PC270LC_8N1_W1; PC300-6; PC300-6Z; PC300-7; PC300-8; PC300LC-6; PC300LC-6Z; PC300LC-7; PC300LC-7E0; PC300LC-8; PC350-6; PC350-7; PC350-8; PC350LC-6; PC350LC-7; PC350LC-8; PC38UU-2; PC40-7; PC400-6; PC400-6C; PC400-6Z; PC400-7; PC400-7E0; PC400-8; PC400_8R_W1; PC400LC-6; PC400LC-6; PC400LC-6Z; PC400LC-6Z; PC400LC-7; PC400LC-8; PC400LC_8R_W1; PC40MRX-1-N; PC450-6; PC450-6; PC450-7; PC450-8; PC450_8R_W2; PC450LC-6; PC450LC-6; PC450LC-7; PC450LC-8; PC45MRX-1-N; PC50UU-2; PC50UU-2E; PC58UU-3-N; PC60-7-B; PC60-7-C; PC60-7-KA; PC60-7; PC600-6; PC600-6; PC600-6A; PC600LC-6; PC600LC-6A; PC600LC-6A; PC750-6; PC750-6; PC750-7; PC750LC-6; PC750LC-6; PC750LC-7; PC750SE-6; PC750SE-6; PC750SE-7; PC75UU-2; PC75UU-3; PC78US-5-NA; PC800-6-AW; PC800-7-W1; PC800SE-6-AW; PC800SE-6; PC800SE-7-W1; PC1800-6; PC300-7; PC300-7E0; PC350-7E0; PC350LC-7E0; PC400-7; PC400LC-6Z; PC400LC-6Z; PC400LC-7; PC400LC-7; PC400LC-7E0; PC450-7E0; PC450LC-7E0; PC450LC-7E0; PC450LC_8R_W2;
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