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WATT Drive WAC81K4 Gear Motor, 230/400VAC w/ Sumitomo CNFX 29:1 Gearhead

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Model Number WATT Drive WAC81K4 Gear Motor, 230/400VAC w/ Sumitomo CNFX 29:1 Gearhead
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WATT Drive WAC81K4 Gear Motor, 230/400VAC w/ Sumitomo CNFX 29:1 Gearhead gear pump is a rotary pump that relies on the working volume change and movement between the pump cylinder and the meshing gear to deliver the liquid or to pressurize it. The two gears, the pump body and the front and rear cover to form two enclosed spaces.
When the gear rotates, the volume of the space on the gear off side becomes small and forms a vacuum to suck the liquid, and the volume of the space on the gear meshing side changes from large to large Small, and the liquid into the pipe to go.
The suction chamber and the discharge chamber are separated by the meshing lines of the two gears. The pressure at the discharge port of the gear pump depends entirely on the resistance at the pump outlet.
The concept of the gear pump is very simple, that is, its most basic form is the same size of the two gears in a tight fit with the internal rotation of the shell, the shell of the internal similar to the "8" shape, the two gear mounted inside , The outer diameter of the gear and the two sides with the shell closely. The material from the extruder enters the middle of the two gears at the suction port and fills the space, moving along the housing as the teeth rotate, and finally discharging when the teeth are engaged.
Our Company is proud to support our quality products with WATT Drive WAC81K4 Gear Motor, 230/400VAC w/ Sumitomo CNFX 29:1 Gearhead services before and after the sale.
We have Regional Sales Managers that will work with you to identify opportunities, review requirements, provide training and assist with forecasting and commercial concerns. Our Industry Service Specialists will take it to the next level by providing field services such as; WATT Drive WAC81K4 Gear Motor, 230/400VAC w/ Sumitomo CNFX 29:1 Gearhead inspections, hands on training and assistance with installation, inspection, maintenance, reinstallation, field repair and/or factory reconditioning.
We can provide complete WATT Drive WAC81K4 Gear Motor, 230/400VAC w/ Sumitomo CNFX 29:1 Gearhead application review by combining the efforts of your operations and maintenance personnel with our design and application engineers. Our Industry Service Specialist’s comprehensive review of the bearings to be inspected or removed from service to determine where you will best benefit from making improvements.
This total approach of application, equipment, products and maintenance will lead to Our company’s goal of helping you establish the best practices for your specific situation resulting in the best value and return on bearing and maintenance expense through improved performance and reduced downtime.
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WATT Drive WAC81K4 Gear Motor: 230/400VAC, 2.5/1.45A, 3-Phase

Sumitomo CNFX-61000E-29/G 80/C120 Gearhead

Fritz Kubler GmbH 8.5820.811.1024.1000, 5VDC rotary encoder

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