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Vickers Ethiopia  DG4V-3S-6C-M-U-H5-60 Solenoid Valve

Place of Origin Vickers
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Model Number Vickers DG4V-3S-6C-M-U-H5-60 Solenoid Valve
Min.Order Quantity 776
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Vickers DG4V-3S-6C-M-U-H5-60 Solenoid Valve

Vickers are now part of the Eaton Group which include the other brands Char-Lynn, Sumitomo, Hydro-Line, and Aeroquip. Vickers DG4V-3S-6C-M-U-H5-60 Solenoid Valve designs, manufactures and globally markets a complete line of reliable, high-efficiency hydraulic components for markets including agriculture, construction, industrial, mining, fishing, marine and lawn and garden.
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EATON VICKERS is a world-renowned hydraulic brand owned by the Eaton Group Fluid Power Division. Its main products include hydraulic pumps, motors, hydrostatic products, valves, steering gears, cylinders, power units, accessories, filters and so on.
Vickers DG4V-3S-6C-M-U-H5-60 Solenoid Valve is a world-renowned hydraulic brand owned by the Eaton Group Fluid Power Division.
Its main products include hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, hydraulic valves and so on. Eaton's fluid power products are widely used, including earthmoving machinery, agriculture, construction, aviation, mining, forestry, public facilities and material handling.
Eaton is the world's leading manufacturer of diversified industrial products and enjoys a highly technologically advanced and reliable reputation in the global industry. Has more than 125,000 employees in more than 125 countries on 6 continents. With annual sales of Vickers DG4V-3S-6C-M-U-H5-60 Solenoid Valve. Products related to automotive, truck, heavy equipment, civil aviation, defense and military, residential, telecommunications and data transmission, industrial equipment and public facilities, business and government agencies, as well as sports and entertainment in various fields.

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