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A2F63L4Z3 A2F Series Fixed Displacement Piston Pump

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Piston Pumps A2F63L4Z3 A2F Series Fixed Displacement Piston Pump
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Pumps high-pressure piston pumps are industry recognized as the longest-lasting, most reliable pumps available. Cat Pumps designs and builds products to the highest quality level for one important reason: our customers depend on our products to keep their equipment running.
Piston pump performance range is 3.0 gpm to 60 gpm (11.3 to 227 lpm) and 100 psi to 1,500 psi (6.9 to 103 bar). Piston pumps exhibit excellent suction capability, often not requiring flooded suction or booster pumps. Pumps are available with brass and 316 stainless steel manifolds and 304 stainless valve components. Products are in-stock for 24-hour shipping. When it needs to run, make it Cat Pumps.

Piston Pumps A2F63L4Z3 A2F Series Fixed Displacement Piston Pump
Welcome to "Saar Hydraulic", your one-stop hydraulics components resource. Our experienced team has a wealth of experience in supplying hydraulic pumps, valves,cylinders,filters,filter elements. A2F Series Fixed Displacement Piston Pump Axial piston unit of bent axis design with fixed displacement, for use as either pump or motor in hydrostatic drives, in open or closed circuit. If operated as a pump, the flow is proportional to the drive speed and displacement. If operated as a motor, the output speed is proportional to the swept volume and inversely proportional to displacement. The output torque increases with the pressure drop between the high and low pressure sides. Features: ·Equivalent with original Rexroth same model.·High performance rotary group with well-proven spherical control area with the advantages, self-centering low peripheral speed, high efficiency.·Robust rolling bearing endure long service life.·Drive shaft capable of adopting radial loading Detailed Description: 1. Bent axis design with fixed displacement2. Completely interchangeable with original3. For use as either pump or motor in hydrostatic drivers,in open of closed circuit4. High performance rotary group with well-proven spherical control area with the advantages;self-centering low peripheral speed ,high efficiency5. Robust rolling bearings endure long service life6. Drive shaft capable of adopting radial loading7. Size:A2F6, A2F10, A2F12, A2F23, A2F28, A2F45, A2F55, A2F63, A2F80, A2F107, A2F125, A2F160, A2F200, A2F250, A2F355, A2F5008. For engineering machinery, maritime boat and industrial machinery etc.9. Very competitive price10. 1 year of warranty Ordering Code: Technical Specifications
Displacement Vg(ml/r)9.411.622.728.144.354.86380107125160200250355500
Max Speed n max(r/min)750060005600475045003750400033503000315026502500250022402000
Max Flow Q max(l/min)71701271331992062532683213944245006257951000
Max Power P max(kw) P=35MPa41417478116120147156187230247292365454583
Electric Motor Speed n=1450/min13.616.832.940.764.279.591.3116155.21812232290363515725
Torque(N. m)15183644.77087100127170199254318398564795
Approx Weight (kg)5512122323333344636388881381853
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